The Difference In Price, Appearance, and Function Between Single-Panel And Sectional Garage Doors

7 December 2018
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If you need to replace your garage door, or if you are building a garage and are planning a new garage door installation, you can choose what type of garage door you want to use. Two of the more popular types of garage doors are single-panel garage doors and sectional garage doors. The Function One of the biggest differences between a single-panel and sectional door is how they function. Single-panel garage doors are one large piece of material, which means that more space is required in front of your garage to open and close the door. Read More …

3 Reasons To Upgrade To A Smart Garage Door Opener

22 September 2018
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Having the ability to remotely open your garage door when you are nearing your home or when you leave in the morning is perhaps one of the greatest modern conveniences. Yet, just like other electronic home devices have evolved with modern technology, today's garage door openers are capable of doing far more than just allowing remote operation. These gadgets are so cool, if you have not upgraded your outdated garage door opener yet, it is really time to start thinking about doing so. Read More …

Choose A Carriage-Style Garage Door And Prepare For The Installation

31 August 2018
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If you have chosen to purchase a carriage-style garage door and would like to have it professionally installed, choose the features that will make your garage easily accessible and prepare for the installation process so that the possessions stored inside of your garage won't be in the way. Decide On An Overhead Or Standard Door That Is Manually Or Electrically Operated Do you mind lifting the door upward or would traditionally opening the door be more appealing to you and your family members? Read More …

Three Reasons Your Garage Door Makes Banging Sounds When Opening And Closing

22 August 2018
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You may be used to garage doors making an assortment of noises whenever they open and close, but a loud banging sound can be alarming, especially if it starts to happen more and more frequently. Luckily, a loud banging sound doesn't usually indicate anything dangerous or horribly wrong with your garage door system, but it's still a sign you should look for the problem or call for help as soon as you're able. Read More …

3 Things To Know About Replacing A Damaged Cable On Your Garage Door

21 August 2018
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A damaged cable is a small part on your garage door. However, it is a very important part that you need to be careful about if you decide to repair the cable on your own. Before you attempt to repair the cable, you need to know what it does and how to behave in a safe manner around the cable. #1 What a Garage Door Cable Does Your garage door cables play a very important role in the function of your garage door. Read More …