3 Things To Know About Replacing A Damaged Cable On Your Garage Door

3 Things To Know About Replacing A Damaged Cable On Your Garage Door

21 August 2018
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A damaged cable is a small part on your garage door. However, it is a very important part that you need to be careful about if you decide to repair the cable on your own. Before you attempt to repair the cable, you need to know what it does and how to behave in a safe manner around the cable.

#1 What a Garage Door Cable Does

Your garage door cables play a very important role in the function of your garage door. The garage door cable runs through the spring on your garage door. It provides the springs on your garage door with a surface to move on. That way, your garage door springs can recoil and contract along the cable. If a spring were to snap or get damaged, the garage door cable would help keep the spring together. It helps keep the spring on your garage door safe.

#2 What A Garage Door Cable Is Dangerous

Your garage door cable is dangerous for a number of reasons. To start with, your garage door cable is dangerous because it contains your garage door spring. Your garage door spring has a lot of tension in it and can have a lot of force if it is released.

A garage door cable is also dangerous because it carries a lot of tension itself. It helps support the weight of your garage door. If the garage door cable is broken, it can break with a great deal of force which can be dangerous if you are anywhere near the cable.

#3 How to Release the Tension

If you are going to work on your garage door cable, you are going to want to release the tension in your garage doors springs. To do that, you are going to want to fully open up your garage door. Then use some clamps to keep your garage door in place. Put the clamps above the wheels on the garage door to keep it open. Once you know the garage door is securely open, then you can unhook the springs on the garage door and unhook the cable. You are going to want to replace the cable and put the springs back in place before you start using your garage door again.

A garage door cable holds a high amount of tension in it that can cause harm if not handled in the correct manner. This is a job that should be done with caution, so make sure you are careful. If you are not comfortable changing the spring, hire a company like Edelen Door to take care of that work for you.