Questions To Answer Before Picking Out A Hangar Door

Questions To Answer Before Picking Out A Hangar Door

25 July 2018
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The hangar where you keep your aircraft must have a door that serves the building well. The doors to an airplane hangar are pretty large, so the door that you pick must be specifically designed for the purpose. A lot of people go with simple sliding hangar doors, but there are many other options, including the ever-popular hydraulic hangar door. before you go to pick out the right door for your aircraft hangar, there are some things to be considered first. Here are a few questions to know the answers to before you go so you will be well equipped to pick the right hangar door type. 

How much space is available on either side of the door's opening?

Side-sliding hangar doors tend to be some of the least expensive models, but not every hangar is suitably shaped or sized for side-sliding doors. If you don't have a pretty wide hangar wall beyond the side of the door opening, side-sliding doors can be an impossibility. Similarly, bi-folding doors need at least some side space to have room to open without protruding out into the middle of the hangar floor. Take note of how wide the front wall of your hangar is beyond the doors and keep that in mind while you shop.

Are you okay with a little ongoing maintenance?

Make sure you know what level of maintenance you are okay with before picking a certain type of doors for your aircraft hangar because some door types will require a little more attention than others. Hydraulic doors are extremely popular for obvious reasons, but hydraulic hangar doors may need a little more professional maintenance than manually operated door types. This is because the hydraulic system sometimes needs fluid changes and can need regular maintenance. 

Do you need quick opening capabilities from the air?

If you own a private aircraft, you could be flying or maneuvering your plane without assistance from inside the hangar. Therefore, you will want to be able to automatically open the hangar to allow entry as you need to get inside. Hydraulic doors are usually a better fit for this situation because they can be automatically opened by a remote opener from inside of the plane. Not all side-sliding doors have automatic opener capabilities. 

When choosing hangar doors with knowledge of what you need in hand, the process will be much simpler. Talk to a hangar door company for more information about getting the doors you need.