Garage Doors – Uses Beyond The Garage

Garage Doors – Uses Beyond The Garage

18 July 2018
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Garage doors aren't just for garages these days. Garage doors are now being used in both residential and commercial construction to bring the outdoors in. Here, you'll find a few different uses for garage doors that go beyond simply securing your garage.

Open Store Fronts

Restaurants and stores are both utilizing the open store front design. Creating an open, welcoming environment for customers can help to bring in those that would normally just pass on by. Not only is it more inviting, but it can provide you with more space to work with and fill the area with natural light. All are welcome improvements for most businesses.

Patio Doors

Instead of the traditional sliding doors used to connect many homes to patios, consider using a garage door. You can find a number of decorative glass garage doors to choose from. Then, when the weather is just right, all you have to do is open the garage door and you have a whole new environment to enjoy.

The glass garage door will flood the interior of your home with natural light and make it feel as if your patio is a part of the interior of your home. You'll be pulling the interior and exterior together to create a whole new space.

If you choose to make this change, be sure to invest in a quality garage door to ensure you maintain good control of heating and cooling loss. A quality garage door will do just as well, if not better, than traditional sliding glass doors.

Enclosed Pavilion

Pavilions give you a place to entertain outdoors while protecting you from the elements. Instead of having a fully opened pavilion that can only be used during the fair weather months, consider installing garage doors all the way around the structure.

When the weather is nice, the doors can all be opened, but when the weather turns, you can pull the doors closed and continue the party as if nothing is going on outside.

The garage doors will also help you secure the pavilion. You will not need to pack up and haul all of the stuff each time you want to enjoy the pavilion and drag it all back home after a long day of fun.

As you can see, there are many other uses for garage doors. The key is to get creative and think outside of the box. Maybe you'll find a fun use for a garage door that nobody has thought of as of yet.