Why Won't My Garage Door Close?

Why Won't My Garage Door Close?

8 August 2018
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When the garage door no longer closes, you know it is time to call for garage door repair services. There are many reasons to why a garage door wouldn't work. Also, there are situations in which you could fix the problem yourself, and situations in which garage door repair services are absolutely mandatory. Being aware of what happened with your garage door can help you determine if the professionals need to be called or not.

The Batteries in Your Transmitter Have Died

As soon as you have noticed the garage door doesn't close anymore, the first thing to do is to check if the transmitter's batteries are still working. It is more than obvious transmitters for garage doors need power in order to make things with your garage door happen. If the batteries look strange and they are also leaking, it is time to change them. You can also check them in a different device and see if they still have power or not.

The Garage Door is no Longer Aligned

Check for your garage door's track and see if it's out of alignment or not. The door needs to be properly aligned, if you want it to move. This is one of the major problems with many garage doors that don't close anymore. If you want to fix this issue, loosen the screws and align the door back, by tapping. Use a rubber mallet for tapping. You have to be gentle and very careful. A level to make sure everything's straight is also necessary.

Your Transmitters Could be Broken

When the transmitters are no longer working, it is time to call the garage door repair services and inform them about this issue. Or call the company who installed the system for you. They may be able to help. Maybe you still have the warranty for your garage door systems, and they will get to be fixed for free. The things is, if there is something wrong with the transmitters, there is nothing you could do about it.

There Is Something in the Way

When there's something in the way of your garage door, you are the luckiest person on Earth. Simply because this is an issue that can be so easily resolved. As a matter of fact, looking if things are on the way of your garage door is something you should check first when the system seems to no longer be working.

Your garage door should work perfectly and smoothly. You would save a lot of time if you would have a perfectly working garage door. Call for garage door repair services to make your life good again.