It's Amazing How Many Types Of Garage Doors You Can Buy

It's Amazing How Many Types Of Garage Doors You Can Buy

7 August 2018
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Long gone are the days when the big choice in garage doors was between ones that were automatic and others that had to be pulled up by hand. In the last few decades, an absolute boom in garage door installation options has occurred. From form factors to materials, it's hard to believe just how many types of systems are on the market today. By mixing and matching options, you can create a highly customized setup for your residence or place of business.


While there's nothing wrong with an old-school retracting garage door that pulls up into a ceiling space, manufacturers now have an array of options for you to explore. Carriage-style garage doors have become especially popular in the last decade, giving homes a little more rustic of a look. You can look at folding systems or ones that open wide like regular doors, too.

Size is also a big factor, especially if you're looking at using commercial garage doors. You may need to discuss your specific requirements with a contractor beforehand, and many only dealing with standard-size residential projects. Even if you're dealing with bays big enough to accommodate a fire truck, you should not have too much trouble finding a company that can install it.


The variety of form factors available now also calls for a number of different drive systems to make them work. Most run on some type of rail with rollers attached to the sides of the door, and then the entire door is moved by a belt or a chain that's activated by an electric motor. Your garage door services provider can help you understand what options are suited to specific types of doors.


Steel doors are a popular choice, especially among those who need commercial garage doors, because of their overall strength. On the downside, they're prone to corrosion, and that makes them a less appealing option for folks who like in coastal regions with lots of sea salt in the air.

Wood doors now come in a variety of choices, and folks looking for more durability can look into wood composite doors, too. These can be stained at the factor or painted on site to match your building.

Fiberglass and vinyl doors are also becoming a more common option. They're generally less prone to dents, and they don't rust. Steel end pieces can be added to provide extra durability.